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La Petite Mort

LPM Saperavi Qvevri 2021

LPM Saperavi Qvevri 2021

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New Sap has arrived! The current 2021 vintage is now available.


2017 La Petite Mort Amphora Saperavi is the ultimate expression of old-school winemaking. The Georgian republic in the Caucuses quite possibly has the longest continuous history of winemaking in the world.. and Saperavi is their noble grape. Its also one of about 5 grape varieties IN THE WORLD that have red juice as well as red skins!! Our Saperavi is produced as closely as possible to the old-ways with whole berries fermented in earthenware pots and then left in contact with its skins and seeds for a whopping 183 days!! (that's like 6 months). During this time, we basically don't touch it so the wine is produced with absolute minimal handling or additions. After pressing the wine to separate it from its skins, it is clarified by settling (no filtration) and bottled as-is with only a small SO2 addition to ensure stability. The wine in the glass is dense and intense with distinctly savoury, old-world charms and long, silky tannin structure.

Unusual, confronting and a little left of the middle. La Petite Mort (LPM) is the home of our 'other' wines. These small batch, experimental wines are produced with minimal wine making intervention and put into bottle without filtering or fining to allow the raw essence of our experimentation to shine through. Rustic and characterful, LPM wines promise a unique sensory experience and a story behind every label.

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