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La Petite Mort

LPM Gentil Qvevri 2021

LPM Gentil Qvevri 2021

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Qvevri Gentil 2021 is here!

Please Note: We have sold out every year, but we are doing our best to keep up with demand this year. We love this wine and we know a lot of people do too. We (LPM) are always striving to make sure there is enough to carry us through to next vintage, but it is impossible to promise anything at this stage. We recommend getting in quick before it sells out again.

Thank you for all your enthusiasm and support. We greatly appreciate it.


Gentil Qvevri 2021 Despite the floral nature of these two Alsatian varieties, they complement and contrast each other brilliantly. The white blossom and “grapey” aromas of the Muscat provide a base line and the rose and lychee of the Gewürz sit on top to create exotic layers of fruit, spice and flowers. But this is not a sweet wine, and the dryness of the palate with the tannin from the skin contact reigns in the sweet-seeming aromas and tightens up the oily-glycerol tendencies of the Gewürz.


Unusual, confronting and a little left of the middle. La Petite Mort (LPM) is the home of our 'other' wines. These small batch, experimental wines are produced with minimal wine making intervention and put into bottle without filtering or fining to allow the raw essence of our experimentation to shine through. Rustic and characterful, LPM wines promise a unique sensory experience and a story behind every label.

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