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Full List of All Past WineCult TV Broadcasts

E#10 - Champagne Trivia Party - broadcast 26th November 2020

E#9 - Marsanne Masterclass - broadcast 22nd October 2020

E#8 - Food Pairing Masterclass - broadcast 17th September 2020

E#7 - Shiraz Masterclass - broadcast 27th August 2020

E#6 - Cellaring and Serving Q&A - broadcast 13th August 2020

E#5 - Nebbiolo Masterclass - broadcast 30th July 2020

E#4 - Skin Contact Q&A - broadcast 16th July 2020

E#1-3 The Virtual Tasting Six-Pack Series - broadcast from June to July 2020



Previously on WineCult TV:

E10 - Champagne Trivia Party

 with La Petite Mort 

Went live 6:30pm, Thurs 26th November 2020



E#10 - End of Year Champagne Trivia Party!

(Even though this has already aired, you can watch it back and play along still!)


WCTV Turns 10 Episodes Old! To celebrate, we gave away a magnum of Champagne - double wine for double digits!

To celebrate the last WineCult TV episode for the year, and our 10th ever, we are having a party!!!

There'll be trivia, Champagne and lots of fun! Tell your friends, get a team together and get excited for what will be a night of good friends, fun questions and great wine! 

We'll have two rounds of trivia and an important bonus question in the middle.

Can't wait to party with you! 





E09 - Marsanne Masterclass

 with La Petite Mort 
Went LIVE Thursday, 22nd October 2020



Welcome. This was our last masterclass for the 2020 WineCultTV season. For episode #9, we will be delving into the granite-suited variety that is Marsanne. Glen and Andy will be looking back at a special cellar release and putting it up against two recent releases of ours to look at Marsanne; both the styles and the ageing of these three wines.

All welcome to tune in. Grab your pack HERE if you would like to follow along and taste with Glen and Andy from the comfort of your own home.





E08 - Food Pairing Masterclass

 with La Petite Mort 
Broadcast: Thursday 17th September



This is a food pairing masterclass to tantilise your tastebuds and help guide you through the joys of food and wine pairing.

We have three special wines which we will be using to help illustrate our food and wine matching philosophies. These wines are also available to purchase as a neat little three-pack if you would like to recreate this isolation degustation at home.

Buy My Food Pairing Three-Pack

The pack includes:
- 1 x 2017 LPM Single Vineyard Chardonnay

- 1 x 2019 LPM 'The Rosso' (Nebbiolo Barbera)

- 1 x 2013 Bent Road Botrytis Sauvignon Blanc


The recipes we have chosen to pair with the wines are:

Tamagoyaki (Japanese omelette) and Ganghwe (spring onion-tied Korean appetiser) - paired with The LPM 2017 Single Vineyard Chardonnay
Massaman Beef Curry - paired with The LPM 2019 'The Rosso'
A Platter of Cheese, Dried Fruit and Quince Paste with a side of Stanthorpe truffle-infused honey - paired with The Bent Road 2013 Botrytis Sauvignon Blanc
We have chosen these three dishes to pair with the wines, but don't let that stop you from coming up with your own menu!!!
We would love to hear what delicious courses you would pair with these three wines. Send us recipes for your pairings or take photos of your creations. We would just love to see what inspirational little dishes you have come up with.





E07 - Shiraz Masterclass

 with La Petite Mort 


Broadcast: Thursday 27th August



This was a special, live and interactive online Masterclass with our winemakers, Glen Robert and Andrew Scott on the rather quintessential Australian variety: Shiraz. 

The video will be a chance for you to enhance your knowledge of Shiraz: the history, the grape and what must be considered when making a great Shiraz. Whether it's Syrah vs Shiraz, or a look at all the stylistic differences of Shiraz in the wine regions across Australia, we have all the hot topics covered. The video is a thorough and in-depth look at all aspects of this great, ubiquitous variety.

We will be using our very special 3-pack, The Shiraz Trilogy to help us be guided through all things Shiraz. This is a set of three single vineyard Shiraz wines, all picked from the same vineyard exactly three weeks apart...

The Shiraz Trilogy

2015 La Petite Mort Shiraz 'Trilogy' is a trio of three wines made with TIME as the ultimate dictator of fate. These three wines were made to illustrate the consequence of picking times. Each wine was picked from the same vineyard, on three separate occasions, at three week intervals.

The first, 'Terroir', is a delicious, fun and playful wine, good at expressing its sense of place. It is an example of a more European style - some would say more 'Syrah' than 'Shiraz' - we like to say, see for yourself!

The second, 'Tradition', a more conventional Shiraz with more familiar flavours. Picked at a time more in keeping with the style

The third, 'Tardive', a very different wine again. Much richer, as the sugars were higher and the acid lower. It is a wine more reminiscent of the Amarones of Verona.




Don't miss out. Be one of the lucky people to get your hands on this special 3-pack and join us for what will be a very intriguing and intellectually stimulating Shiraz masterclass with the winemakers of La Petite Mort, Glen Robert and Andrew Scott.





E06 - Cellaring and Serving Q&A

Broadcast: Thursday 13th August


Join us for an evening chatting about one of the most common topics we get asked about: cellaring and serving.

Along with Glen Robert and Andrew Scott, the winemakers of La Petite Mort, we will be having a live Q&A on all the ins and outs of storing your wine for the short-term, long-term, and then serving it when you've found your moment to enjoy it!





 E05 - Nebbiolo Masterclass

with La Petite Mort


Broadcast: Thursday 30th July

This was a special live and interactive online Masterclass on Nebbiolo with our winemakers, Glen Robert and Andrew Scott, but you can still watch it back as if you were there on the night. This is a chance to enhance your knowledge of Nebbiolo: the history, the grape and all things considered when making a great Nebbiolo, wherever you are in the world.

The very last of our 2012 and 2014 'Ballanolo' Nebbiolo was reserved for this special occasion, and along with our 2019 Nebbiolo/Barbera blend, 'The Rosso', Glen and Andrew will take you on a oenological journey, with some helpful guidance from these three special wines. 


There were only TWELVE, uniquely numbered La Petite Mort Nebbiolo 3-packs ever made.


The trio included:

2012 LPM 'Ballanolo' Nebbiolo 

2014 LPM 'Ballanolo' Nebbiolo 

2019 LPM 'The Rosso' Nebbiolo/Barbera


Taste along at home with Glen and Andrew as they guide us through the world of Nebbiolo...
Cellar this unique pack to save it for a special occasion and just tune in to learn all about Nebbiolo...






 E04 - Skin Contact Q&A

 Broadcast: Thursday 30th July







E01, E02 & E03

The Virtual Tasting Six-Pack Series 
broadcast from June to July 2020





To Watch The Live Stream:

NOTE: If you would like to participate in the discussion then all you have to do is make sure you have a google/gmail/email account linked to youtube or have your own youtube account and you will be able to chat with us when it comes time for questions. (... but whatever you do, please don't give away the answers in the chat!)

 Go to to watch the stream live.

Champagne Trivia Party begins 6:30pm (AEST), Thursday, 26th November 2020

See you in the InterEther!