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Here you can join the upper ranks of The Inner Circle by following one of the two chosen paths below. Get your own, personalised, collection of wine delivered directly to your door, every season (once every three months). Sign up to follow one of our two chosen paths and you will receive a delivery of our latest and greatest wines every three months, with flexible monthly and quarterly pay options to suit your budget.

The Worshipper's Path - Five wines every season, plus one bottle at no extra cost with each delivery.
The Disciple's Path - Ten wines every season, plus TWO bottles at no extra cost with each delivery.

Enter your details into the plan of your choosing below to lock in all the benefits of being a member of the upper echelons of The Inner Circle. (NOTE: Only want specific wines? Rosés and Crazies only? Half red, half white? If you would like to customise your delivery to a specific set, this can easily be arranged, just send us a message (via the 'Contact' page) when you sign up and we'll make a note on your account.)

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How Payments Work

We want to tailor your wine to you. We send you your choice of wines when you want them. By choosing one of the two plan options, you are signing up to a regular delivery of wine. If you become a member of The Inner Circle, then these wine deliveries will also count towards your Inner Circle Status. Once you sign up, you will be charged according to your chosen payment frequency and your wine will be sent once we receive the full amount of the cost of your seasonal pack. (Eg. If you sign up to pay $60/month for a 6-Pack each quarter, your wine pack will be sent once receive the full $180 on your third monthly payment. However, if you choose to pay a one-off payment of $180 each quarter for the 6-Pack, your wine pack will be sent with the next shipment as soon as we receive that first $180 payment.)

Please note: All wine is sent at the beginning of the week to avoid the possibility of wine sitting in depots or vehicles over the weekend. Currently, delivery times are unpredictable at the moment due to COVID-19, so we cannot guarantee any set timeframe on deliveries, but we will always endeavour to get your delivery to you as quick as possible once it leaves the winery.