WineCult and Bent Road Winery

WineCult is a movement. A wine crusade, no less!

Rise up and join us. Charge your glasses and drink the peculiar, the unexpected, the uncommon.

We are the souls who drink'th of the loving cup, and our cup runneth over.

Share with us and together we can fuel our cause with the essential elixir: WINE. 


Our Brands


WineCult is your first port of call for all things BRW, LPM, Haru, Wilhelm Scream and more!

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Bent Road Winery

Bent Road Winery (BRW) is situated on The Granite Belt, in the cooler and more elevated part of Queensland's south-eastern corner. At nearly 800m above sea level with a cool-continental climate, our organically managed vineyards enjoy some very un-Queensland weather. BRW is the home of a number of labels including Bent Road Wine, Haru and La Petite Mort. 



La Petite Mort

Unusual, confronting and a little left of the middle. La Petite Mort (LPM) is the home of our 'other' wines. These small batch, experimental wines are produced with minimal wine making intervention and put into bottle without filtering or fining to allow the raw essence of our experimentation to shine through. Rustic and characterful, LPM wines promise a unique sensory experience and a story behind every label. 


Wilhelm Scream (coming soon...)



Other Notable Information

The 'Qvevri'

Also known sometimes as an 'amphora', it is the ancient Georgian vessel that has been used for thousands of years to make wine. Made in terracotta and lined with bee's wax, these look rather like an upside down egg with a small opening at the top. It is one of the many tools we use to create some of the more peculiar wines that we produce here on The Granite Belt.




The Granite Belt

Nestled against the NSW border, in the far south-eastern corner of Queensland, the Granite Belt is an official Australian Wine Region (called a GI) surrounding the town of Stanthorpe.

Despite what outsiders may think, we enjoy a cool, continental climate because we are inland on the Great Dividing Range beyond the warm, humid influence of the Coral Sea.

The Granite Belt is definitely cool climate! In fact, we are the only Australian region (that we know of) to record frost in every month of the year and we are one of the few regions to get snow.

We also sit at nearly 1000m above sea level which keeps the average temperatures down but exposes the grapes to higher UV than lower lying areas; allowing for slow, even ripening of flavours and sugars.